Hungry For God Home
Hungry For God Home
What We Do Hungry For God Home
Hungry For God Home

Many times someone hands a youth on the streets $10 -$100 dollars. Sadly, the youth themselves tell me this money funds unhealthy things instead of helping them get off the streets. We provide a helping hand and a place for these young men to stay, heal from their past, and move on toward a promising future.

Hungry For God Home
Yearly 26,000 young people are released from foster care. It's called "aging out". Unfortunately former foster kids are more likely than others to face homelessness, poverty, unemployment, and incarceration. In Texas it costs $99,000 yearly to lock up one juvenile offender, and statistics show that it cost over $270.00 .per day to incarcerate one youth in the Texas Youth Commission. Hungry For God Home houses young men for $7,800 a year ($21.00 dollars a day) Compared to the Texas Youth Comission, thats $249 less per day, per young man. In addition to boarding, Hungry For God Home provides a loving hill country home atmosphere. We are a caring, coaching community committed to changing lives.
Since 2003 we have housed over 250 young men. Helping those who are aging out of foster care and becoming homeless. Bringing healing and hope to hopeless young men. Fighting for Restorative Juvenile Justice. We see dropouts become Valedictorians, fatherless become faithful fathers, runaways restored into their homes, juvenile offenders graduate off parole, addicts get set free and celebrate healing. Youth outreaches like Hungry For God Home, and Life-Works in the Austin area are making a huge difference on our streets and these programs need your help to continue the positive transformation of the young homeless population.
Our home is here to serve homeless, hopeless young men bringing Help, Healing, and Hope.

We are located at this address:
3504 Victorine Lane Del Valle, TX 78617-3073
For more information, or to schedule a house tour, please contact Pastor Larry Ball

What We Do Hungry For God Home
Hungry For God Home

We Help Restore And Heal Young Men By Providing:

1. Housing, and Redirection - A Loving Environment, providing a safe place for young men to understand and learn their role as a future man, husband, employee, father, and friend. Our Facilities are a loving home environment situated in rural farming community 5 miles outside downtown Austin TX. Our Spacious home provides bedding for 8 young men to be housed comfortably. Gardening is encouraged to provide healthy food alternatives and benefits to nutrition. Small farm animals such as Chickens and like are raised to provide responsibility in feeding and upkeep chores. Weights, basketball hoop, wooded trails plus access to local parks, lakes, rivers, swimming pools, and local gyms provide excellent exercise opportunities for a growing young man. Our schedule keeps young men busy, but at the same time gives them opportunities to pursue interests and develop skills.

2. Staffing Support - Residential instructors and Staff provide 24 hour a day role modeling. Daily physical training is also provided. Independent living, employment, social, spiritual, and recreational skills are taught daily by residential instructors and Staff, who are skilled at developing and implementing individual educational plans that work toward realistic goals.

3. Curriculum LOGOS Modules - Coaching of the the mind, body, and Spirit while experiencing the satisfaction of giving back to community. Personal, Relational, Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, and voluntary Spiritual growth opportunities are integrated in parts of this curriculum. We seek to reinforce positive productive behaviors by providing independent living experiences for students preparing for young adulthood. We understand that a young man's capacity to grow academically depends on increasing their desire to learn. We help young men earn High School Diplomas, GEDs, and Trade School Certificates as we teach them how to work with peers.

4. Work Source Supportive Jobs - We can refer young men to sources that hire and possibly train for full time career positions. Work Experiences can provide challenging opportunities in evaluation, detail, groundskeeping, maintenance, food service, and ofŞce/clerical work. We help young me build a work ethic and prepare them to become productive citizens for the future community.

5. After Care Building - We work towards restoring healthy relationships between youth and their Parents or Legal Guardians. We want to see healthy family reconciliation expectations met, and we work to help the youth maintain healthy, interactive relationships with their family so that they can evaluate goals and expectations, and work out conßicts to a positive outcome.

Our Method
LOGOS = Life Outlook Goals & Overcoming Strategies

Life Evaluation - Q&A, Interview, Progress Reports; Parent Q&A Reports
Outlook History - Background Information & Personal Goals
Goals Coaching - Teaching & Testing, Community Opportunities for Application
Overcoming Outcomes - Documented Application, Evaluations, and Program Records
Strategies Follow Up - After Care, Alumni Contact/Referral

What We Do Hungry For God Home
Hungry For God Home

On September 11, 2001, I was housing 2 young runaways from New York City.
Hungry For God Home
This made a huge impact on my life, and I knew I had to do more. In 2006, Kevin (17 year old) flew a sign on HWY 71. I spoke to him, but our house was full at the time and I could not take him in; Two weeks later, he was killed. I pass his cross marker on HWY 71 every day, and it reminds me that we must not give up the fight to save the young men's lives. I believe with your help we can make Austin a cleaner, healthier, and safer place to live. It starts with redirecting the lives of fatherless young people aimlessly and hopelessly wandering our streets. Every young man has a dream and goals; it only takes someone listening, coaching and believing in them to make them happen. Hearing the heart cry of this generation and coaching them to believe that nothing is impossible is a key to our successful transformation of hopeless lives. "

-Pastor Larry Ball, Founder/Executive Dir. Hungry For God Home

What We Do Hungry For God Home
Hungry For God Home

"In 2003, I was homeless on 6th street without a dime to my name. I was a failed street musician and I was alone. I found hope, help and restoration at Hungry For God Home. My parents couldn't be happier."

-Christian, 24

"There was constant fighting, craziness, bickering, and an alcoholic father. I usually didn't stay at home, avoiding my parents as much as I could. At age 14, my time was spent living out of a car looking for a home. For 3 years I traveled around, wondering where I was going to go or where I was going to stay. There was never any stability wherever I was. Hungry For God Home helped me with forgiveness, love and confidence. I've made good friends and positive relationships that will be there for me and keep me humble sometimes. I like being able to use my time wisely and work with my hands. Hungry For God Home even helped me get my wisdom teeth removed! I would like to get the education that I never got and should have gotten. I want to continue to learn what's right. I want to be a part of helping someone else."

-John Honhorst, 18
(Returned home, successfully getting his GED)

Tyler was referred to Hungry For God Home for Young Men from Lifeworks and TYC Probation. After being unsuccessful at living independently Tyler needed assistance to get off the streets and into a more stable housing. Tyler is a foster child who is enrolled at ACC for the fall 2009 semester and is working on an organic farm in the GarŞeld Community. He also enjoys volunteering.

-Tyler Toohey, 18

Hungry For God Home for young men is helping me learn structure in my life. It has brought me closer to God and my family. My goal is to work two jobs in order to get back on my feet. They are helping me come to terms with my responsibilities. I can let go of the past and finally look towards a better future. One day I would like to help other youth with their life problems and point them towards something better."

-Justin Stewart, 25

"For the past three years, I have worked directly with Pastor Larry Ball and his volunteer staff in various functions and events in the field of ex-offender reentry. Hungry for God can be counted on to bring enthusiasm, commitment and passion to each endeavor that they undertake. Whether is it working in collaboration for a workshop on housing, developing a brochure for community resources or presenting information on monthly basis to exiting state jail confines at the Travis State Jail Resource Fair, Hungry for God can be counted upon to be on time, and ready to roll up their sleeves and to get to work. As a former Executive Director of a Children's Advocacy Center, I know how personally committed Pastor Larry is to the Hungry For God mission and that his personal time, efforts and finances go to making significant life changes in a young high risk male population. Currently, as a Criminal Justice Senior Planner for Travis County and the Travis County liaison to the Texas De- partment of Criminal Justice, I see multitudes of young men who have, unfortunately, chosen the wrong life paths to adhere to. Hungry for God Home teaches and walks its mission daily.

-Cynthia Finnegan (Travis County Senior Planner Justice and Public Safety Division Criminal Justice Planning Dept.)

What We Do Hungry For God Home
Hungry For God Home

Who do we serve?
The homeless, fatherless, and runaways at risk in the Greater Austin Community. (targeting young men 17-24 years old that are in need of stable housing and assistance.) Why not house young girls? Young women make up only 15% of homeless population and are saturated with funding sources.

Who are we accountable to?
We have a Board and an Advisory Board consisting of Community Leaders. Our 990 is posted online. We partner and collaborate with other agencies in community for greater impact.

Is there a scheduled program offered?
Yes. We assess and evaluate the individual, working with their goals, meeting educational, health, legal, career, and spiritual needs. Check out the schedule HERE.

How are we funded?
We are funded through sponsorships from generous individuals and organizations just like you. We have received grants from agencies such as the OneStar foundation. Churches and faith-based community have tremendously helped us also.

How much is rent?
Each young man is responsible for raising $600 for sustainable living accountability covering for food, housing and transportation. This is difficult for young men without family supports to raise. Jobs are hard to find when you are without birth certificates, driver license, S.S. cards, and clothing. Some are on parole or still need to finish school.

Are you a 501(c)(3) nonprofit?
Yes. recognized by the IRS since 4/2008 as a 501(c)(3). All donations are tax-deductible. Texas Non- Profit since 2002.

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